Frequently Asked Questions

How Hybrid Off Grid or HOG inverter works?

  • First, the inverter untilizes the solar panels to get some power from the sun, this will energrize our off grid loads
  • After that, the inverter will use the surplus power to charge up the batteries
  • When the batteries are full, the inverter will now start energizing the appliances that are directly powered by the grid. We'll call that an on grid or grid tie loads
  • If your surplus power is not sufficient to energrize your grid tie loads, your loads will get power direct;y from the grid. However, these loads will only get the lacking power they need to run
  • If your surplus power is higher than the demand of your on grid loads, the excess power will be sent back to the grid and earn credits from the electricity you have sold. At this point, you will notice that your electric meter will spin backwards
  • When the sun goes down, the solar panels will stop generating power and the inverter will now use the batteries.
  • Before the batteries becomes empty, the inverter will now get power directly from the grid.
  • If you have an AC Charging Module, the inverter will energize the AC Charger to charge the batteries
  • If the grid goes down, the inverter will continue to energize your off grid loads. However, the inverter will stop energizing your on grid loads while the grid is down for safety and legal reasons. That feature is called Anti Islanding
  • If the grid backs online, the grid will energize the on grid loads initially. For safetey reasons, the inverter will take a few minutes before it will start energizing your on grid loads again.
  • If your batteries are not yet full before the grid backs online, the inverter will charge the batteries first before it will energize your on grid loads.