Solar Power

Super sensitive auto night switcg with low voltage and overcharge protections


  1. 1x Solar Panel, class-A, 10 Watts, 12 Volts. e.g. Ace Electech, Php650
  2. 6x 1850 2200mAH Lithium Ion Batteries, e.g. CDR-King, Php100 each
  3. 1x IRF630 Mosfet Transistor, e.g.Deeco Php15
  4. 1x 9013 NPN Transistor, e.g. Deeco Php5
  5. 1x LM7808 Voltage Regulator IC, e.g. Deeco Php15
  6. 1x To-220 small heatsink for LM7808, e.g. Alexan Php15
  7. 2x IN4001 3A, 50V Rectifier Diode, e.g. Deeco Php2
  8. 1x 3A Fuse, e.g. Deeco Php3
  9. 2x 10k Ohms 1 / 4w Resistor, e.g. Deeco 50C each
  10. 12V, 1.5W LED Bulb, e.g. Ace Electech Php150
  11. 1x Plastic Enclosure, e.g. Alexan P45
DIY Slim Type Solar Street Light by Mr. Ed Brisenio